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01. Big IDEA

In creating the visual elements, we focused on a coherent key visual in the form of a simple, recognizable graphic motif – a felt-tipped swipe – we wanted to show the brand as a brave, energetic, and motivating brand for changes in the body and mind.

We used a sans-serif typography and an intense lime color referring to freshness and intensity. The name of the company – “FitMyMind” refers to the process of changing eating habits. The intentional use of the word ‘mind’ indicates that every change begins in the head, including changes in the daily diet. FItMyMind is not a temporary “weight loss”, but a change in the way of thinking about nutrition and a change in the organization of life. Fit in the name suggests not only a slender figure and ‘being fit’, but it is ‘fit’ as an adaptation, adjustment, changes in the way we perceive nutrition and this mission we have dressed in the visual language of the brand.

02. Semantics of the sign

While creating the logotype, we wanted to present a modern and friendly brand at the same time. It was also important to present an image that indicates availability, competence and energy. The typographic accent in the word – MY – marked with a marker introduces dynamism and energy into the sign. The logotype has a sans-serif cut to emphasize the modern, yet friendly character of the company. The logo combines three words – “fit”, “we” and “mind”.

03. Typography

Typography is the basis for maintaining brand consistency and assumptions. The font used in communication is Poppins. A sans-serif typeface was chosen to emphasize the modern and friendly character of the company.

04. Colors