Trends in product catalogue design

Choose your solutions wisely, but also, if you have the freedom, go wild!

Colours have power

From 2020 onwards, it’s all about colours! Pastels are slightly relegated to the background, although their stronger versions are also popular. Gradients are still in favour and we don’t think this will change any time soon! Take a look at what they can conjure up for yourself.

Asymmetry and ambiguity

2019 has brought us inspiration from Swiss style. Scattered letters, irregular layouts and carefully arranged typography. The effect? A well-thought-out and planned path for the viewer’s eye through a seemingly unstructured layout.

Isometric world

Nothing has changed and isometrics continue to be trendy, but this doesn’t surprise us. After all, how better to show action patterns, complex construction or a laborious process? Isometrics make it easier for us and create an easy to understand “world”.

Long live naturalness!

We don’t retouch as much as we used to, we show the models’ beauty traits previously considered as defects without embarrassment, we don’t remove the natural noise. In combination with simple and minimalistic elements and graphics, this results in a pleasant image.

What a channel!

This is purely and simply a cry of delight. Working with the channels and finding the right balance produces compelling results. And the catalogue? Maximally animated.

Get inspired

These are just some of the trends that are doing well this year. We’ve outlined our favourite themes – feel free to browse the sources to see more.


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