Web design trends in 2022

What’s new

Minimalism and clean design

Simplicity always works – and is appreciated especially in the era of frequent use of mobile devices by users. Although this trend has been with us for several seasons – everything indicates that in 2022 it will be one of the favorites among designers. Why? Less means more. Space, economic form and colors, clear text. This makes the key message immediately noticeable – even on a small phone or tablet display. In addition, minimalism facilitates scaling and intuitive navigation. And what is more – it creates a professional, unobtrusive brand image in the world of marketing splendor.


Return of symmetry and visible frames

Web design in 2022 will show harmonious compositions and a retreat from the organized chaos that reigned last year. Designers will use balanced divisions and placement of texts and images as well as delicate lines separating sections. It’s a way to introduce order on a website and focus the recipient’s attention on the essence of the content.


Soothing colors with an unobvious accent

Nowadays, users – full of anxiety and fear due to the unstable world situation – are looking for a sense of security. Therefore, in 2022, designers are using colors consciously – to evoke certain feelings and moods. We can notice neutral, enveloping earth shades, introducing peace and soothing emotions. Websites are to be a kind of springboard from the stress of everyday life. However, bearing in mind that they still have to be projects for the 21st century – the designers break the colors inspired by nature with non-obvious – e.g. neon – accents.


Inspiration from the past

Designers will be eager to look for inspiration in the past and draw from the design of the 90s, which we all know and like, which we associate with the times of youth and carefree. The result of it will be websites that are easy to read, evoking positive emotions and moving memories.


The web design will also clearly refer to the brutalism of the 50s and 70s. This trend has been gaining ground since its re-emergence in 2014. Austerity, smooth backgrounds, asymmetrical layouts, default computer fonts and raw photos – all this characterize the digital neo-brutalism, which will be used many times in this year’s projects.


Typography instead of an image

Internet users are bombarded with countless images every day. So how to draw the recipient’s attention to the most important content on the page if the image no longer works? Use attractive typography instead of graphics. The fonts in bold are definitely up-to-date, but not for the entire site, but as an accent – in the Hero section or headlines. In 2022, a return to light serif fonts and vintage style will also be noticeable, which, combined with mild colors and, for example, a subtle graphic motif in the background, become an image in itself.


3D objects

3D moving elements will also be an important part of many websites in 2022. As a complement to the minimalist design, they will give it a unique character. 3D objects appeared frequently in 2021, but now they will be used with greater precision as accents, introducing an intriguing and surprising effect. But this solution also entails some pitfalls – it can overload the page, so you should pay attention to the optimization of the elements used- so that the site opens and downloads without any problems.


Hand drawing

Hand-drawn illustrations will be increasingly used in this year’s projects. Such a procedure visually refreshes the design and allows to create an impression of closeness and accessibility – especially if the website presents content that may be complicated to the recipient.


Interactivity and animations – on a micro scale

Users like when something happens on the website, when elements react to their actions (e.g. hovering the cursor over an icon, name, graphic) and send – even a small – feedback. Therefore, we are sure that interactivity and micro-animations will be widely used in 2022. Not only they spice up the design, but also they are extremely helpful in improving the user experience and guiding him through the site – exactly to the point he should reach (e.g. placing and paying for an order).


To sum up

What will characterize web design in 2022? Certainly minimalism, but at the same time dynamism and accessibility. The designers’ goal will be to improve usability as well as provide the most important information in a simple and effective way. A significant part of trends is closely related to current world situation and, consequently, to the emotions of the recipients. Web design is meant to be a springboard from everyday stress and bring peace of mind, but at the same time provide original and engaging online experience.


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