Hyperlinks and good UX practices

Popular buttons The website user should be able to use it effortlessly, easily find the information that is interesting to him/her and easily navigate between the subpages. This process is significantly improved by buttons with hyperlinks. They are commonly used on websites and in mobile applications. However, is each button helpful? Or maybe it introduces … Continued

Web design trends in 2022

What’s new As every year, we observe the current web design trends with great interest. How will the market surprise customers this time? What solutions will be chosen most often? Will the trends have an impact on improving the functionality and usability of the websites or will they be only a visual addition? If you … Continued

Product Design in 2022 – the most important trends

Design revolution In 2022, we will observe a significant increase in the demand for technologically advanced products, which will be a response to the still shaping “new normality” in the pandemic reality. After another turbulent year, the physical world has become even more connected to its digital counterpart. We became friends with smart devices, adapted … Continued

How does branding and design affect business performance?

What value does design and branding have for a company? It is well known that marketing activities carried out by a company directly translate into sales of its products or services and increased revenue for the company. But what else influences the success of a brand, what can encourage potential customers to buy or use … Continued

An efficient website – image optimisation will help!

Ensure optimal performance of your website If you want your website to be efficient, fast and high up in Google results – you have no choice but to take proper care of image optimisation. Image optimisation – what is that? Optimisation, in a nutshell, is nothing more than getting images or graphics to weigh as … Continued

Web design trends in 2021

Choose your solutions wisely, but also, if you have the freedom, go wild! 2021, like the previous year, has resulted in an even greater focus on technology. The pandemic, lockdowns and the transfer of business and communication to the web have meant that the end user is constantly being surprised and pampered, and the content … Continued