What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity

Whether your company evokes certain emotions depends on the story you tell and the messages you send to your customers, including visual ones. Therefore, in order to cause immediate recognition and evoke positive feelings, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive and coherent visual identity, the so-called corporate identity. It is a set of symbols and graphic solutions used by a company that creates an effective tool for building brand awareness.

What does a visual identity consist of?

Logo. The basic and most important element helping to identify a brand, characteristic and unique

Company colours. A specific colour palette that directly influences the perception and represented character of a company.

Typography. A selected typeface consistent across all materials and used as such. Helps to define character.

System of advertising materials and prints. Elements common to all materials, i.e. business cards, leaflets, catalogues, online banners, website, envelopes, help to immediately identify a given brand

Building identification system, car branding, corporate design, advertising gadgets, staff clothing

What are the characteristics of a good corporate identity?

Consistency. The main feature – all materials created must be consistent with each other and have a common denominator. From a logo, through a website to printed materials – everything must be based on one style, thanks to which it will produce the intended effect.

Originality. Visual identity should have its own, clearly defined and clear style, characteristic for this, given brand. As it must be distinctive it should not draw too much from others, and above all it should stand out among the competition.

Associations. Identification must be well thought-out and based on the brand idea it should communicate. The associations it evokes will then be the ones that were intended.


Visual identification is an important element of the whole brand strategy. It helps to distinguish the brand, communicates its ideas and goals while building the desired image.


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