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01. Big IDEA

In creating visual identity we wanted to show a brand that is modern and bold, yet effective and safe. So!Home deals with the sale of the property, guides the client through the whole process and makes sure that the whole process is as comfortable and trouble-free as possible.

So!Home uses unusual solutions with the use of modern marketing, so it was important for us to present it also in visual identification, which is based on strong typography, intense and energetic yellow color and high quality photographs.

02. Semantics of the sign

Based on the visual assumptions of the brand, a logo was created together with the symbol of the house, in which the leading slogan “SO!” is written. The logo itself, with its gentle and oval shapes, is combined with a distinctive typography – a sans-serif cut – used to emphasize the modern and friendly character of the company.

03. Typography

Typography is the basis for maintaining brand consistency and assumptions. The font used in communication is Germalt. It has a modern, minimalist font family, has a futuristic but not fleeting overtones.